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Nel receives million Euro order for PEM electrolyzers from Nikola Corporation

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Norwegian cleantech company works on the first five large hydrogen filling stations for Nikola in the USA.

The IPO of Nikola Corporation will also accelerate the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure in the USA. Now Nikola has placed a first, smaller order of about 30 million US dollars with the Norwegian partner and electrolyser manufacturer Nel ASA. The order was for the supply of 85 megawatts of alkaline electrolysers. The aim is to build the „world’s first“ hydrogen filling stations with a capacity of 8 tons of hydrogen per day.

It has been known since 2017 that today’s Nikola Corporation and Nel ASA are working together. André Løkke, CEO of Nel, made a press statement in which he was impressed by the progress Nikola has made since then in vehicle development and station design. In the view of Trevor Milton, the founder of Nikola, the electrolysers will be used to initially build five high performance hydrogen stations in the USA to cover the first truck routes.

To be able to serve such and other orders, Nel is currently building a large factory for electrolyser production in Norway at Herøya Industripark in Porsgrunn. There, the cleantech company has just visited the production halls that are currently under reconstruction – the roof will be fitted with a large photovoltaic system that, at least mathematically, will supply one of the two production lines with clean energy.

Nel is building a mega factory in Porsgrunn by spring 2021.
Arild Berdalen, Industrial Project Director at Nel. (Picture: Herøya)

Further orders for Nel despite crisis

Despite the crisis, Nel has achieved several further milestones in recent weeks. For example, the installation of the first hydrogen filling station in South Korea:

With Glomfjord Hydrogen, a joint venture in which Nel is a shareholder, an agreement was signed with Air Liquide to produce green hydrogen for fuelling ferries in Vestfjord.

And Nel is also on board when it comes to total future topics that are still small today: A PEM electrolyser is used by the Cleantech start-up Air Company to produce CO2-negative vodka. Read more: Incredible: This vodka made from carbon dioxide and water is a climate saver.


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