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Reports: Tesla wants to build Gigafactory near Bristol

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According to British media reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been flying over suitable terrain in recent days.

Tesla’s expansion plans continue to accelerate. In addition to the probably new Gigafactory in Texas, the Gigafactory in Shanghai, which is currently being expanded, and the Giga Berlin in Grünheide, Tesla is now also aiming to establish a location in the UK. As reported by The Times and other media, CEO Elon Musk has now had at least one location near Bristol flown over.

The commitment would fit: The British government is also planning more intensive promotion of electric cars. A corresponding law could be passed shortly. In addition, Tesla has applied for a license as an energy supplier in the UK and is likely to aim for at least one important market here for the sale of battery storage for consumers and energy suppliers. And: The Tesla Model 3 has been so well received in the past two months that it has outperformed all other vehicle sales in the UK.

As Businessgreen reports, Elon Musk travelled in his own private jet and in particular prevailed over the now valid quarantine regulation for people entering airports – this regulation has only been in force since today. According to the information, the flying visit could have lasted only 19 hours. Recently, Property Week magazine reported that a ministry is in the process of identifying potential gigafactory plots with an area of more than 52 hectares.

Even before Grünheide was chosen as the site for the first European gigafactory, there had been talks between Tesla and the British government about a site on the island. However, these were rejected due to brexite concerns. However, the government’s advertising could now be successful for the British market alone – if the rumors prove true.


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